Costs and Savings of Quality Solar Systems

lights powered by quality solar systems

Are you the dad who walks through the house turning off lights while reminding your kids “electricity ain’t free!” Well, what if it was free? What if you could drastically lower your energy bill to the point of not having to be the light-switch police? Think of all the extra rugby you could watch if you had one of our quality solar systems installed and powering your home. You could spend that time yelling at referees instead of your kids! Not to mention you could watch it in a nice cool house without having to fret over what the air con is costing you.

We are lucky enough to live in bright and sunny Australia where we have optimal conditions for harnessing the sun’s energy in lieu of pricy grid electricity. The initial investment may seem daunting but once you crunch the numbers and consider long-term savings, it can seem like a no-brainer. Let’s go over the types of costs and savings you can expect from investing in a high-quality solar system for your home, or even your business.

quality solar systems are powered by the sun
  1. The Quote: the good news is, solar companies almost always offer a free site walk to determine your individual energy needs, followed by a free quote that may outline a number of options for you. The options will normally compare the different sizes of solar systems that could work for you and their projected energy production.
  2. The Solar Panel Equipment: Some solar investors opt to go with smaller systems that offer a comfortable compromise between upfront costs and monthly savings while others go for the full monty that will strip their energy bill clean. There is a lot of flexibility depending on your budget and desires.
  3. Installation: installation costs are often either paid up front, or factored into monthly payment plans, or a mixture of both. As with every cost, your quote will outline the different installation options with their short term and long term costs and savings.
  4. Maintenance & Repairs: another bit of good news! Solar panels are mostly maintenance free. Wind and rain take care of most of the necessary cleaning naturally and an occasional spray down with the hose can help. The panels, inverter, and other equipment are usually covered under long-term warranties to quell any concerns of large sum repairs. Overall, though, solar power systems are relatively simple with minimal moving parts, which always translates into fewer things going wrong. Other than those, an annual solar system check up and a professional panel clean is a good idea.

Savings and Other Benefits of Solar Power

  1. Reduced or Negated Energy Bill: this savings factor alone convinces most investors to bask in the sun’s energy. Even if you consider your break-even point or finance the solar system and factor in its monthly payment, your monthly energy costs will usually break even at the very least in the short term and then drop significantly or even be erased in the long-term. And, by short-term, we mean the typical 3-5 years chosen for financing and by long-term, we mean decades of solar savings.
  2. Sell Excess Energy: When your solar system generates excess power, you can sell the extra energy back to the grid with what is known as Feed-in-tariff system. The higher the Feed-in-tariff in your area, the more money you are paid for your unused energy.
  3. Increased Real Estate Value: There is both real value in having solar panels powering your home or business as well as increased buyer appeal. Buyers are becoming more and more green-conscious and are actively seeking out environmentally friendly properties.
  4. Government Incentives: As a way of promoting energy efficiency, there are substantial government incentives available for households and businesses who invest in solar energy.
  5. Improved Lifestyle: During hot months, your family will not have to worry as much about air con usage and use it based on comfort instead of cost. The same is true for all electric appliances, including pool pumps.

Is It A No-Brainer?

Solar power is not the solution for some, but it is for many.

To undoubtedly know if it is a good investment for you, it is best to take advantage of the free quotes solar companies like Essential Energy Solutions offer and then personally analyse the costs versus savings of a good solar system that meets your needs.

a high quality solar system is a great idea

Also, remember there are different options for different budgets, and the most expensive system is not always the best for you.

For further information on the range of solar systems we install or a free quote, you can request a call or download an info kit to help you determine if solar energy is right for you.

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