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EV Charger Installers

For Residential and Commercial Properties

With the ever increasing demand for Electric Vehicles in South East Queensland, Essential Energy Solutions is your first choice in EV Charger Installers.

We install quality EV Chargers for your business premises, schools, office blocks or residential property.

We will assess your current infrastructure and after we have a full understanding of your electric vehicle charging needs we will provide you with a comprehensive proposal together with our usual high level of customer service and friendly, qualified electric vehicle charger installation staff.

Choosing the Best EV Chargers

Essential Energy Solutions makes it very easy to charge your electric vehicle with the high quality EV Chargers and Cables that we supply and install.

There are hundreds of different electric vehicle charging station manufacturers in the market. 

Best EV Charger Pricing

When looking at ev charger prices, be certain that the quotations you receive from other EV Charger Installers are comprehensive, covering all your electric vehicle charging requirements. This includes matching the charging station with your vehicles charging specifications.  

How much do EV Chargers cost?

A critical question many property owners have when they are considering installing charging stations for electric vehicles is the price of the equipment together with the installation by a reputable EV charging station installer.

Reliable EV Charging Stations

Always choose a reliable EV Charging station that does not degrade quickly for your property. Many are made from inferior components that regularly fail. This is because the components deteriorate much faster than high quality charging components.

Always buy a quality Australian certified EV charging system from a reputable installer such as Essential Energy Solutions.

Having an inferior EV charger will mean that with a poor quality charger it will not be able to effectively convert the AC power from the power grid to your vehicles DC battery. This can result in unnecessary heat forming inside the charger, which is actually wasted electricity that has been converted into heat. Ultimately meaning you would be wasting power and having additional electricity costs.

We hope this information has given you insight into choosing us as your EV Charger installer. Reach out to us for a no-obligation quotation based upon your particular property viable space, electricity supply and budget.

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