Different Types of Inverters & Popular Inverter Brands

different inverter brands

Updated: 15 August 2019 Share0 Tweet0 Share0 This informational article has been put together to help you understand the different types of Inverters and identify the most popular Inverter Brands available in Australia. It also answers a range of the typical questions you may have about solar inverters. Before choosing an Inverter for your needs, […]

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Queensland Interest Free Loans for Solar and Grants for Combined Solar and Battery Systems


Solar panel systems capture solar energy to be utilised instead of energy from the grid. Solar battery systems store excess energy captured by solar panels for later use. A combined system could make it possible to go off the energy grid. To a lesser extreme, many households and small businesses want to reduce energy bills […]

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Queensland Solar Rebate Expiring Soon: Are You Eligible?

Queensland Solar Battery Grants tesla battery

In addition to Federal subsidies, Queensland government is still providing financial assistance to Gold Coast and Brisbane locals who wish to purchase and setup solar power devices, such as solar system and solar batteries. Residents can take advantage of the current Queensland Solar Rebates under the QLD State Government’s Affordable Energy Plan. The Affordable Energy […]

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Solar Power Systems and Their Benefits

Solar Power Systems Gold Coast System

How do Solar Power Systems Work?Today, an extremely popular alternative energy source in Australia is solar power. It has been a talking point both for families looking to reduce their electricity bills as well as a political power point for both major political parties in Australia. In its simplest form, natural sunlight is converted into electrical […]

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Battery Storage FAQ

These common questions are intended as a brief overview of the safety considerations involved in battery storage in residential and small commercial applications (e.g. 1 kWh to 200 kWh in size).​ This information has been prepared with consumer safety in mind to answer some common questions about energy storage, and points to further sources of […]

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