Solar Power System Installers in Helensvale, QLD, 4212

Solar Panel Installers in Helensvale, 4212 

When looking to install a solar power system for your Helensvale business premises or residential home consider a no obligation quote from one of South East Queensland's largest solar system installers.

Essential Energy Solutions only installs the best quality solar panels and battery systems in each price category for your Helensvale suburb (Postcode: 4212).

The principal factors to take into consideration when choosing your Helensvale Solar Panel Installer are:

  1. Solar Panels Quality
  2. Solar Inverters Quality
  3. Fair Price
  4. Reliable Customer Service

Choosing the Best Helensvale Solar Installers

So how do you choose a reputable solar system installer in Northern Gold Coast when there are so many companies to choose from?

Essential Energy Solutions has been in the solar power industry for many years and has won numerous large scale commercial solar projects, Queensland Government Tenders and Residential solar contracts.

This is due to the high level of customer service we afford all our customers no matter what their budget or size of solar system they intend installing. Because we have proven ourselves as a solar power industry leader in the solar market we are often recognised for our complimentary electrical services such as networked smoke alarms and electrical installers.

Helensvale Solar Panel Installers

Here's a table of suggested points to keep in mind when choosing the Solar Panel company to install your solar system:


What to look out for


Quotes sounding too good to be true.

Solar Panel Brand

Efficient and reliable panels don't degrade rapidly. Poor quality panels have a shorter life span.

Solar Inverter Brand

The solar inverter brand is just as important as the panels. Choose a high quality, reliable and reputable brand of inverter.

There are hundreds of different solar panel manufacturers in the market. All of them are trying to increase their market share and to do this they use a lot of their manufacturing budget to market their services on media channels such as TV.

This distraction from quality means the panels are unlikely to last as long as they should. In the long term a decision to go with an unproven brand of panel in the solar market is likely to cost you much, much more. 
This is because the cells deteriorate much faster than high quality panels and with the harsh Australian UV it is important to have panels that can withstand our local conditions instead of those that are built for cooler climates of Europe.

Best Solar System Pricing in Helensvale (Postcode 4212)

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Reliable Solar Panels

Choose a reliable solar panel that does not degrade quickly. Many are made from inferior components that regularly fail. This is because the cells deteriorate much faster than high quality panels. Remember those panels built for cold climates will not withstand local conditions.

Reliable Solar Inverters

Likewise, the solar inverter brand is just as important. The inverter output efficiency and quality should be paired with the solar panels' output efficiency and quality.

Having an inferior solar power inverter will mean that even if the panels are producing a high level of DC power a poor quality inverter will not be able to effectively convert the produced DC to AC power. Ultimately meaning you would be wasting power produced by the solar panels.

We hope this information has given you insight into choosing a coastal installer for your solar system. Reach out to us for a no-obligation quotation based upon your particular property's position, building aspect and viable roof space.

Additional reading: Here is another informative article, on the Queensland Government website, about getting solar installed on your property. Get Started with Solar.

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Helensvale 4212 Solar Installers

Helensvale, QLD, 4212

Helensvale is 58km away from Brisbane as the crow flies and about 62km by road.

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Julia Stewart

Helensvale -QLD

"Kurt was very knowledgeable and answered all my questions about the solar system he recommended. He even checked our main board and explained how they would connect the panels to the inverter and then to the main board. His workers did such a neat job and cleaned up the whole area they worked in. I have already recommended them to my friends."

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We've been providing the Suburb of Helensvale with quality solar power systems since 2007 and to this day we continue to provide the highest level of customer service as can be attested to in our many reviews.

If you have resided in Gold Coast for any length of time you will know that the suburb of Helensvale has a rich history. Helensvale is bordered by the suburbs of Oxenford, Studio Village, Gaven, Arundel, Hope Island and Coombabah.

It is also home to most of the Gold Coast's major Theme Parks such as Movie World, Wet and Wild and Australian Outback Spectacular.

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