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Queensland Interest Free Loans for Solar and Grants for Combined Solar and Battery Systems

Interest Free Solar Loans, Solar Rebates


Solar panel systems capture solar energy to be utilised instead of energy from the grid. Solar battery systems store excess energy captured by solar panels for later use. A combined system could make it possible to go off the energy grid. To a lesser extreme, many households and small businesses want to reduce energy bills and offset peak usage costs by capturing, storing, and using solar energy. The Queensland government is awarding interest-free loans and grants to purchase combined solar and battery systems to eligible households and small businesses.

How Much are the Solar System Loan & Repayment Amounts?

Qualifying households can apply for $3,000 grants and/or for loans up to $10,000 to purchase a battery system. Eligible small businesses can apply for the $3,000 grant, but not the loan. The loan must be repaid to within 10 years. As an interest-free loan, the total amount of the loan divided by the number of months equals the monthly repayment cost. The maximum loan amount of $10,000 translates into 120 monthly payments of $100 per month.

Do I Qualify for a Queensland Interest-Free Loan or Grant for a Solar Battery System?

For homeowners, you only need to answer one question:

  1. Do you have an existing solar system?

If your answer is no, then your household is eligible to apply for either the loan and grant or just the grant.

For small businesses, you need to answer three questions. The Queensland Government website asks the following questions to determine if you are eligible:

  1. Do you have an existing solar system?
  2. Do you employ than 20 full-time employees?
  3. Do you consume less than 100,000-kilowatt hours (or 100-megawatt hours) per year?

If you answer “no” to the first question and “yes” to the last two questions, you are eligible to apply for a grant to purchase a battery system for your small business.

​Are There Limitations on How the Loan Can Be Used?

Yes, there are limitations on what the solar system loan can be used for:

  • The solar and battery system must be new
  • The new combined system cannot replace or augment an existing system
  • You must agree to a free safety inspection

​How Many Queensland Solar Assistive Packages Are Available?

The Queensland government just released 450 additional solar assistance packages. The total number of assistive packages available is 3,650. The government awards the loans and grants on a first come, first serve basis. Some of these loans have already been claimed. Once they are gone, they are gone. The Queensland Solar Rebate is set to expire on June 30, 2019. If you qualify for an interest-free loan or grant for combined solar and battery systems, you need to apply immediately. Otherwise, you may miss the chance to use the government’s money for free.

QLD solar system assistance packages

​How Do I Apply For the Combined Solar and Battery Interest-Free Loan or Grant?

After you determine your eligibility, you can apply online on the Queensland Government website. You will need to submit several documents for the interest-free solar and battery system loan or grant application:

  • your most recent council rates notice (must be in the name of the person(s) applying)
  • a copy of your electricity bill (include all pages)
  • proof of income to assess your ability to repay the loan

Essential Energy Solutions is an eligible battery supplier in South East Queensland. We can quickly give you a free quote for your application.

Confirm Your Satisfaction

Essential Energy Solutions operates on a 100% satisfaction guarrantee. If you are displeased with any aspect of the installation or your solar system, we will work with you to find a solution. We value our customers and won’t be happy until you’re happy.


If you review this guide, you will notice we are experts in solar systems and their installation. If you have any questions about how to get your interest-free solar loan or battery rebate from the QLD Government’s Solar Assistance Packages then talk to us. We will familiarise ourselves with your property, recommend the best solar panel options and pricing for your circumstances, install the system, and ensure your satisfaction. To learn more and begin the process of getting a solar panel system, request your free site walk-through and free quote today.

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